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At the time of our company’s founding in 1965, Japan had just hosted the first Olympics ever held in Asia a year before, and a wave of internationalization was suddenly hitting its shores along with rapid economic growth. The first training school for simultaneous interpreters was established the following year in 1966 (currently ISS Institute), and for over the next 50 years, we have built our business on interpretation services, conference organization (planning and logistics of international conferences), personnel placement (temporary staff and recruitment), and training schools for interpreters and translators.

The highly skilled personnel trained by ISS Institute have gone on to become active professionals, advancing the high-quality services of ISS in various applications. Furthermore, ISS trains professionals by providing interpreters and translators with career paths and opportunities through each of the services offered. The school focuses on training professionals while considering potential workplaces. The ISS mission to maintain and expand this virtuous cycle has not changed since its founding over 50 years ago.

Honyaku Center, our parent company, is a leading company in the business of industrial translation in Japan. We share Honyaku Center’s vision of becoming “A language concierge which connects all companies to the world.” By further deepening our relationship with Honyaku Center, we aim to provide even higher levels of comprehensive professional language services.

As the 2020 Tokyo Olympics approaches, the scale of globalization is expanding faster than ever before. By setting our sights 50 years into the future, we plan to further expand and develop our enterprise based on the trust, achievements, and know-how we’ve accumulated over the years, thereby allowing us to serve as a vehicle for smooth global communication to reach as many people as possible. Each and every employee at our company is devoted to this vision.

August 2017
Shunichiro Ninomiya