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Our company was founded in 1965, one year after the Tokyo Olympics, which was the first Olympics to be held in Asia. This was in the midst of rapid economic growth and a wave of internationalization. The following year, in 1966, we established Japan’s first simultaneous interpreter training school (now called ISS Institute), and for over 50 years since then, we have been providing interpretation, convention (planning and operations for international conferences), personnel (temporary staffing and personnel placement), and interpreter/translator training services.

The training of interpreters and translators is the foundation that supports all of the services that we provide, and in turn, the work that we do on-site through our other services contributes to the training of professional interpreters and translators. Our mission is to develop and maintain this virtuous cycle, which has remained unchanged since our founding.

Our parent company, Honyaku Center, is Japan’s leading industrial translation company. We at ISS share Honyaku Center’s vision of becoming “a language concierge which connects all companies to the world.” Moving forward, we aim to further deepen our collaboration with Honyaku Center to provide an even higher level of comprehensive language services.

With the rapid social changes and technological advancements we have seen recently, the current business environment is undergoing a major transformation. At ISS, we will strive as a whole to provide our clients with the strength of global communication that meets the needs of the current era, through high-quality services that are based on our extensive network and expertise.

June 2022
Hitoshi Hanada, President