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ISS Corporate Philosophy

ISS strives to connect businesses with people through language, provide high value-added services, and contribute to society.

In the field of comprehensive professional language services, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality service in the industry through our corporate tradition and collective strength.

ISS Brand

ISS Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Through our history of accomplishments and the collective strength of the group, ISS aims to become a business that builds relationships that lead to success.

Our Mission

Provide high-quality services.
Support personal growth.
Contribute to society.

Origin of the ISS Logo

The most vital element in communication between people is the ability to quickly dissect information and to give substantive explanations.

As the first company in Japan to establish a training school for Japanese–English simultaneous interpretation, we have symbolized the aspect of “giving substantive explanations” (output) in the shape of amicrophone, and the aspect of “quickly dissecting information” in the shape of an ear (input), representing the interpreter’s role.

ISS supports the cultivation of talent among international communicators that stand on the world stage through professional language services, personnel services, and training services. We value the communication with our clients with the utmost dedication.