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通訳者・翻訳者養成 Interpreter and Translator Training

Interpreter and Translator Training

ISS operates training schools for interpreters and translators. We also provide language training services for companies utilizing the know-how acquired through operating these schools.

ISS Institute (Tokyo and Yokohama)
English and Chinese interpretation/translation training and business communication training schools

Since opening the first training school for simultaneous interpreters in Japan in 1966, ISS Institute has been training professional interpreters and translators for over 50 years. These language professionals have moved on to stand in the forefront of the international stage.
ISS Institute provides practical, high-expertise training programs that match professional interpreters and translators with instructors, while considering potential workplaces. The trainees who complete our training programs move on to succeed in various international settings through the professional language services developed by ISS.


ISS Institute

Language Training Services for Companies

We provide a range of practical language training programs utilizing the know-how and experience acquired through cultivating skills and improving the language abilities of interpreters and translators in ISS Institute’s schools.
We provide not only high-level courses for expert interpreters, but also courses for a wide range of language levels, such as beginner and mid-level language courses for TOEIC training, overseas assignment preparation, and business communication training.
We offer flexible training courses customized for language level, required language, and training content, depending on the needs of our clients.

【Examples of past achievements】
• English language training to prepare for overseas assignment for a major construction company
• English interpretation training for a major food company
• English conversation training for a foreign-owned IT company
• Chinese conversation training for a major trading company
• Language training including English and Chinese conversation training as well as interpretation and translation training for various government administration offices
• English, Chinese, and Korean language training for Honyaku Center Inc., ISS, and various other companies

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Interpreter and
Translator Training