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Interpretation Services

There is a growing demand for highly skilled and reliable interpreters as corporations and organizations adapt to globalization. As pioneers in the interpretation industry, ISS provides high-quality interpretation services based on the business know-how and the vast network of carefully vetted interpreters accumulated over the years. Sales representatives who provide full-time service for clients effectively communicate with interpretation coordinators, allowing for the arrangement of the most suitable interpreter for each task. We are capable for handling a wide variety of demands. Please contact us with whatever needs you may have.

Interpretation Services

Core Strengths of ISS Interpretation Services

1.Pioneers in interpretation

Seeing great opportunity in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, ISS was established the following year in 1965, becoming the pioneer in the interpretation industry.
Beginning with the 4th World YMCA Alliance council (53 countries, 400 participants) in which we provided simultaneous interpretation services in 5 languages, we have continued to provide services in a great number of international forums and business settings up to the present day.

2.Training of interpreters and the stable securing of registered interpreters

In 1966, ISS opened the first training school for simultaneous interpreters in Japan (currently the ISS Institute), and have trained a great number of professional interpreters who have gone on to provide expert services on the international stage. ISS Institute matches interpreters who are active in the forefront of the industry with competent lecturers, providing them with the practical training they need to meet the needs of each setting and field of expertise. Through our effective coordination with ISS Institute, we secure a reliable resource pool of highly skilled registered interpreters. With our pool of over 1,900 registered interpreters, we have the capacity to provide interpretation services both overseas and throughout Japan.

3.High-quality interpretation services

Our registered interpreters are interviewed by dedicated recruiters, and are carefully screened for experience and tested for interpretation skills through our proprietary skill check system, allowing us to assess each candidate from various standpoints, and classify them in the appropriate levels. The interpretation coordinators then take feedback received from clients regarding the performance of interpreters, which helps us further understand their skills and abilities. This allows us to provide clients with the most suitable interpreter for each task.

4.Provision of comprehensive professional language services

ISS provides a wide range of language services that are often needed alongside interpretation services. We are a one-stop shop for all language services related to interpretation, including translation services for various manuals and other documents; invitation, planning, and operation of international conferences, science councils, and other events; as well as temporary personnel and personnel placement services.

5.Abundant experience in a wide range of industries

We have abundant experience in a wide range of fields, including medical (medicine and medical equipment), financial (IR, insurance, and banking facilities), IT/communications, manufacturing, general consumer goods, and retail distribution. We also provide services to government and administrative offices, auxiliary organizations, and municipal offices.

6.Support for a wide variety of languages

We have a proven track record of the capacity to provide services in a variety of languages, with English, Chinese, Korean, German, Russian, French, and Spanish as the core languages we support. Also, to meet the rapidly growing business scenes in various countries in the Asia region, we have increased our capacity to provide interpretation services for each Asian language.

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Interpretation Services